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Struggling Real Estate Investor Develops Powerful Online Software That Quickly Enables Him to Start Making Over $65K a Month!
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“Imagine Making a Monthly Income That’s Even Just 5% Of That ... Well, Now You Can … And All It Will Take Is a Few Mouse Clicks & a Few Minutes a Day - Guaranteed"


It’s Time to Forget Everything You Thought You Knew About Making Money as a Real Estate Investor!

It’s Time to Discover an Amazing Money-Making Tool That Requires:

NO Staff

NO Customer Support

NO Direct Selling
No Calling

If you're struggling to make money investing in real estate, the software I’m about to reveal to you is exactly what you need to succeed ...

This software allows you to simply click and create showcase websites for your properties, create an Automatic Buyers List, and build up multiple streams of revenue with one action!

This is Real Estate Investor Marketing for Web 3.0 … and best of all no technical skills are required!

Sign up now and start building your buyers’ list instantly.
Automatically create multiple streams of revenue by simply copy and paste.
Create online property “fliers” in 6 easy steps! – Don’t have properties yet? Don’t worry -- I’ll show you step-by-step how to get sellers to hand over their homes to YOU!
Leapfrog over the competition with a dedicated web page for each of your properties!

I’ll market your properties to the search engines - this can get you seen by over 1,000,000 people fast, this is all automatic, we do this for you!

Manage your properties and leads and build a list of cash buyers from one central control “pad”!
Many templates to choose from … no HTML required!

Perhaps best of all -- this amazing tool requires:

No Timeset it up with a few mouse clicks and get started instantly – you can literally be making money in a mere matter of minutes from now!

No Major Cash Investment – with my current special one-time fee offer you can get started for just $197 … you could easily make that back your first day!

No Hasslesthis tool is incredibly easy to use … it’s basically “plug and play”! You don’t need any special tech knowledge … heck you don’t need any tech knowledge AT ALL!



You're about to find out how an average guy with no web experience and a struggling real estate investing business was able to COMPLETELY turn things around and begin making $65k a month in no time!

I urge you to read every single word below because what I have to say could REALLY change your life...



From: Mark Evans
Location: Off the coast of St. Lucia


Dear Potential Real Estate Investor,

In the same way you have stumbled across this letter, imagine stumbling across an incredible tool that would allow you to surpass even your wildest real estate investment earnings goals.

It would be pretty exciting wouldn’t it?

You bet it would.

Imagine suddenly having a tool that you could use to generate $???, $??? or even $??? a month … without even selling a house!

Imagine if you could use that tool to create a steady income that would allow you to do any real estate deal you want in the future!

I’m talking about a tool that’s incredibly powerful … and also incredibly easy to use.

  • A tool that you can begin taking advantage of this very moment.
  • A tool that immediately begins producing hands-free income with startling consistency.
  • And what’s more - it’s all completely legal.

I can guarantee that what I’m about to reveal to you is unlike any marketing tool you’ve used in the past. This software is so raw and new it’ll shock you.

This tool alone is responsible for my amazing investing success – and I’m positive it can do the same for you. But please keep in mind, I wrote this letter just for my subscribers and a few friends. I plan to take it down very soon.

First Things First … Let Me Clear Something Up....
Here’s What You DON’T  Need To Use This
Simple But Powerful Software:

NO Staff

NO Customer Support

NO Investing Experience

NO Tech Knowledge

NO Sales Experience

NO Fortunes in the Bank

And Here’s What You DON’T Need To Do to Use
This Simple But Powerful Software:

NO Direct Selling

NO Calling

NO Spending All Your Free Time Getting This Up & Running

Stop Struggling to Find Buyers & Make Money in Your Real Investment Business … It’s Time You Stopped Clinging to the Past & Discovered the New Online Solution to Everything That Ails You!

By now some of you may already have spent hundreds or even thousands of dollars on get-rich-quick products. And by the end of this year, some of you will probably have wasted several hundred more dollars on useless ebooks.

The worst thing is most of you know before you even buy these materials that you won’t make any money from them – yet you order them anyway, hoping against hope that you’ll eventually come across something that actually does what it promises.

Trust me - I know how you feel. I was once in the exact same place that you are in now.

And here’s what I learned – the Internet is littered with useless trash and uncaring scam artists who want nothing more than to take your hard-earned money … which they will busily count as your real estate investment business goes under.

That’s why it’s time you forgot everything you thought you knew about marketing your properties, attracting buyers, making multiple streams of income and discover the new, incredibly easy-to-use tool that will allow you to immediately:

Create the mother of all buyers’ lists
Build multiple revenue streams
Explode your profits

And become the wildly successful real estate investor you’ve always wanted to be!

It’s Time You Put the REAL Power of the Internet to Work for You!

Let me ask you a question: Where Do You Have Your Properties Listed on the Internet Right Now? If you are like most investors, you’ve got your properties listed on Craig’s List and maybe Backpage – and that’s it.

But imagine the power of being able to have your properties listed on all of the following:

Do you realize what that would do for your business?

Your Buyer leads – and sales – would explode!

Your reputation and status in the community would grow by leaps and bounds!

You would quickly position yourself as the “go-to-expert” for real estate in your local area!

You will finally start making some of the easiest money without selling anything.

In fact, being able to do this with all your properties would be similar to being able to go to all the houses in your market and cross out your competitors’ Yellow Pages ads or newspaper ads with a magic marker!

Only this would be even more powerful than that because the Yellow Pages and newspaper ads are in severe decline while the Internet continues to grow and grow!

All You Need is a Shortcut ... an “Unfair Advantage” … That’ll Allow You to Begin Showcasing Your Properties to the World Quickly, Easily & Inexpensively!

After trying basically every program under the sun to attract buyers to my properties I was about to give up – a beaten, in-debt loser with no future prospects at all.

Being a real estate investor was my dream but with no experience and no money in the bank things did not go well for me.

In fact, to say things didn’t go well is a tremendous understatement. I was completely stressed out, my credit cards were maxed out and I was one step away from declaring bankruptcy … when inspiration struck.

In this one instance, all the failure and frustration that I had experienced paid off. After losing thousands of dollars – and a lot of hair – I realized one day after a great deal of analyzing and soul searching what I really needed to succeed as a real estate investor … and then I created it.

That’s right I created it. What did I create? I created

I still remember the day my site went live. I was so sure that things were going to change. I had hope again. In fact, I was so excited that I couldn’t sit still. I actually ran around my house screaming “YES, YES, YES!”

I was sure that I had found it – it being the one thing I needed to turn my investment business around.

The rest as they say is history. With I began making money that very day – it was the first money I had made as a real estate investor in the months that I had been trying.

I was making money – and I still hadn’t sold a house! It was such a relief to have money coming in regularly. Suddenly the pressure to sell a house was off. Now I could look for the best deals and with finding buyers for the properties I did invest in suddenly wasn’t hard at all.

My business began to thrive. I went from worrying about how I was going to pay the bills each month to living in a large house with a swimming pool and movie room. I went from driving a 2001 Chevy 2500 that I was always worried was going to break down to driving a brand new Mercedes G500.

And remember, this software that I created is so simple no matter what your level of experience, or what your daily routine, it can work for you!

Here’s How It Works: allows you to simply click and create showcase websites for your properties in three easy steps:

That’s it! Finding buyers and making money couldn’t be any easier.

With, the leads will come pouring in!  And the website does all the work for you. With your online flyers you’ll be able to “squeeze” vital information from buyers. You’ll also be able to:

Choose from many different templates
Add your own banners
Take advantage of an Opt-in box -- This is the box on a site that captures buyers’ names and emails and puts them into a specified list through which they will receive pre-determined auto responders this is all Automated, copy and paste and your done.
Use autoresponders – You can literally take out all buyer questions by simply creating a series of emails one time that will work for you forever (this is your new best friend). Heck I’ll even give them to you to copy and paste into your new system.
Profit from Google AdSense – Get paid by a billion dollar company every month while selling your property, this is just one stream of income of many that are available to you.

Look when it comes to finding buyers, you can hire someone from another country and pay them $6 an hour to distribute flyers or you can use Internet technology to bring them to you at less cost and less hassle.

The Internet is THE Place Where Business Gets Done Today!

According to one popular magazine, 75% of all home buyers, that’s three out of every four buyers, search on the Internet to find their dream home.

Another magazine has reported that there are now more than 1.8 billion people using the Internet.  
Take a second to really think about that – 1.8 BILLION PEOPLE. And millions more are joining the Net every month.

If you are not advertising your properties online … YOU ARE REALLY MISSING OUT! will allow you to:

Attract more buyers
Create an automated business machine that does all the work for you
Accomplish more in 5 minutes than most investors do in 24 hours
Create instant and automatic “Multiple Streams” of cash without ever talking to anyone
Sell properties faster
Build a rock solid business that will not only withstand but thrive in any market condition
Stomp on your competition
Sell your deals for 3-10% more than the market is asking
And do all of the above without ever leaving home

There Simply is NO Better Way to Start Growing Your Buyers’ List Than by Joining!

As a member, you won’t have to search the Internet anymore for the right website to showcase your property on! And, remember, you also don’t have to worry about not being computer literate.

If you can answer an email, you can create property flyers on!

Are You Ready to Make Money WHILE Promoting Properties!

Join and you can:

Start converting prospects to customers without ever having to talk to them

Immediately tap into the power of the five most powerful conversion secrets in the Internet marketing world

Start using graphics, audio and video to connect with buyers and build your buyers’ list … all without being a computer expert or even computer literate!

Create a powerful lead-generating machine with no experience, no special skills and no money in the bank!

Send deals to multiple locations from one location
Make money from the Billion Dollar Giant…Google
Manage buyers that are interested in your properties in 1 place, Buyers come to you!
Manage all your properties that are for sale from one convenient location
Push your property flyers to multiple sites through syndication, you tell us to send for you and we do the rest, 1 click
Brand each flyer with your business name
Put your business website on your flyers, gain more exposure for your business
Track leads and flyer views
And much, much more!

… while taking advantage of an incredible new resource that most investors have not heard about yet!


I’ve Heard Enough – Sign Me Up for!


Fewer Than 0.5% Of Visitors To This Site
Will Be Able To Join Propfrog.Com...

I’m sorry but can’t accept everyone that wants in – that could affect its profitability and effectiveness.

So by doing some number-crunching and taking various factors into consideration we’ve determined that 400 people is the perfect number to allow to join – and of that number now only 143 spots remain.

If you want to be one of the lucky people allowed to join and take full advantage of this incredible money-making tool, I urge you to sign up today!

In the short time that this offer has been on the Internet it has been incredibly popular and I fully expect all the available slots to be filled very, very soon.

Remember, by using to create websites, or “online flyers,” to advertise your properties you won’t just be able to better attract cash-in-hand buyers for your properties but you’ll also be able to create a super-sized buyers’ list that you can then use to explode your profits.

Here are just some of the way you could make money from your buyers’ list:

Webinars - Hold a Webinar and make 50% of all sales!

AdSense - When clients click on links on your flyers you get paid from a billion dollar company (Google). Here is a quick view of how this works using one of my accounts:

Using AdSense could easily give you an extra $1,500 a month without any increase in work whatsoever, this is ALL automatic income.


Email - When you send an affiliate product or a Joint Venture email out to your buyers’ list you make money when subscribers buy the product or service! Here’s an example:

CPA offers – most investors have no clue about this very profitable technique. Here’s an example: you send an email to your buyers’ list with a link in it that has them give their name and email and for each person that does this you get paid a pre-determined amount, for example $2 per action.

Using the above techniques could allow you to easily make thousands of dollars a monthwithout selling a single home!

Having this income pouring in will allow you to be more selective in your real estate deals and will also help ensure you always have the money you need to do any deal you want.

Okay Mark, I’m Sick Of Using & Failing With All the Tired, Ineffective, ‘Same-Old’ Methods That Are Out There, I Want To Start Making Money TODAY … Give Me Instant Access!

What would you do if you had multiple income streams pouring cash into your bank account? Would you pay your bills, buy a new car, save for a rainy day? Whatever you choose, one thing is for sure, having all that cash would certainly make a big difference in your life.

“Remember If This Doesn’t Get You Results Instantly
I’ll Pay You BACK Every Last Cent ...”

I’m so serious about how powerful this plug and play software is, I’m going to bank my reputation on it.

With this offer, I want nothing more than to create a small group of investors who use this tool and truly profit from it. I’m not looking to make a fortune – I already do that through my investing business. That's why I've decided to make this tool available to just a select number of people.

Another way I believe I can prove this to you is to make available at a shockingly low price.

So what would you say to $1097?

Too high? Even for a lifetime of amazing profit?

OK, how about $597?

Think about not having to wake up early and battle traffic all the way to the office every day.

Imagine being able to take exotic vacations whenever you want. Imagine knowing that you have more than enough money to send your kids to the college of their choice.

Still too high? Well, we are in a recession after all …

So here’s my absolute final offer…

Just $197

Sound good?

That’s a heavily discounted single payment – there’s no monthly fee, no small print and no upgrade charges.

But it’s only going to last today. 

Start Your 60 Day Trial Now!

But wait, there's more...

I'm throwing in a fast action bonus, FREE, if you take action today...

FREE Bonus Gift: 8-week Mentoring Program (a $257 value)

So don’t delay, Act Now - take advantage of this incredible offer and join for the mind-boggling low price of just $197 - with absolutely zero risk!



I want to be one of the exclusive members.

I’m ready to make REAL, CONSISTENT profits with this groundbreaking software. And I understand that this software is easy to use and will not require me to use my free time to get it up and running.

I am also aware that you are taking all the risk out of this investment. I am completely covered by your 60-day money-back guarantee. I will be refunded 100% of my investment if any time during the 60 days I notify you that I am not totally happy with and the profits and leads it is generating for me. 

I also understand that this one-time only fee of $197 is the only thing I will EVER have to pay for a lifetime’s profits. There is no limit to the profits I can make or the size of the buyers’ list I can create with

Ready to change your financial destiny … FOREVER? Click the 100% secure "Order" link below:



ONLY 400 143 Spots Still Available as of
Join Now For the Low One-Time Fee of just $197


So remember, I’m taking all the risk out of this investment – if you’re not 100% thrilled with, Iíll personally see to it that your purchase price is returned to you Ė all of it.

Remember, there are only 400 143 spots available, so you need to move quickly. All you have to do is Click the Add to Cart Button and complete the order form to get started.

See ya at the top,

Mark Evans

Try It Now... I’m Ready To Start Profitting With!

ONLY 400 143 Spots Still Available as of
Join Now For the Low One-Time Fee of just $197

PS:  Join our affiliate program and pay for your Propfrog membership with just two sales! This is your chance to cash in on what is sure to be the Internet’s Next Big Phenomenon! We’ll give you all the tools you need to make sales.

  • You can place our attractive banners on your websites
  • You can place our attention-grabbing ads on search engines
  • You can post our text-based ads on search engines
  • You can send out email promotions
  • You can use our articles to give away interesting content for free
  • And much, much more!

And, best of all, anytime someone responds to one of these advertising techniques, they will be tracked and you will receive a 50% commission when they join!

P.P.S. I believe is the most exciting, most life-changing invention to hit real estate marketers in the last 50 years! You’ve got to try this out … or trust me you’ll be kicking yourself later! Click here.

P.P.P.S. Remember, you don’t have to be a computer expert, heck you don’t even have to be computer literate, to use Join now and see for yourself! Click here.

Let me in, Mark – I want to start earning NOW!


ONLY 400 143 Spots Still Available as of
Join Now For the Low One-Time Fee of just $197